About Ulrich Rathgeber

Let me tell you a little bit about me...

Already as a child, I had no doubt at all that there is much more in life between heaven and Earth than most people believe. I felt the common mechanical, material things-oriented view of life as loveless and limited. So I started early to interest me for anything which goes beyond this point of view, to learn what`s really up with the world and life. Later I meditated and dealt with religions, shamanism, Theosophy and esoteric. I studied Eastern and Western philosophy, and because I was fascinated from Zen and the fine Japanese arts, even Japanology. At the same time I learned Aikido full of joy and practiced it for 15 years. In course of time, I made a number of spiritual and worldly educations, among others in Transpersonal Integrative Gestalt Therapy, and began to practice Kriya Yoga intensively. A couple of years I also headed a centre for adult education, in which I was a lecturer too at the same time.

Gradually a spiritual view of the world developed in me, in which all the worldly things have their place. More and more pieces of the puzzle came up to me and helped me to put together my extended picture of live. Some of the pieces of the Puzzle came as teachers to me, some of them as cats, others came in other forms such as the latest scientific findings from Neuroscience and quantum mechanics.

Over the time I learned a lot about life, but I was still on the search. In the year 2005 I experienced in India an extreme spiritual breakthrough that revealed me a still deeper level of life. That changed my life from the ground up - since that I no longer search but only find and enjoy the abundance of live.  



Ulrich erfreut sich an der Weite des Meeres

After I had learned much about spiritual energy in the following years, I went independent with my spiritual work and started to transfer these wonderful energies to others in hundreds of events. I literally gave thousands of energy transfers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, India, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Bulgaria and in the Netherlands. Again this was very instructive for me, and I could experience countless times live, as through this among the recipients and myself extensions of consciousness and healings occurred.

It touches me deeply to heal people and to help them to find themselves. Out of my experiences in healing and therapy I developed the healing system Anahata Healing© and the consciousnesswork Anahata Coaching© and work therefore as healer, coach and seminar leader. Furthermore I educate people to Anahata Healers as my contribution to the healing of the world. Since I started I have initiated and educated hundreds of people internationally in spiritual healing techniques.

My spirituality is focused on the present moment of everyday life. I quite appreciate the earthly delights, live in the middle of Berlin (Germany) in a partnership and am happy father of two wonderful children. For me it is also no contradiction at all to my spirituality, to engage myself for my rights in a grounded way if neccessary. My connection to my spiritual energy sources gives me the strength to.

I like to share with others what I have learned about life and the people. It gives me pleasure, if someone comes to me to work on himself or herself and to grow internally and I can contribute my part to his or her liberation, as a birth helper to a new higher consciousness. If you are tired to mark time and truly want to free yourself, I invite you to come to me and to accompany me on the path of the heart.

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