The Awakening of the Heart


In addition, I offer The Awakening of the Heart, a very special spiritual education. It includes the complete education to Anahata Master, but goes much deeper in spirituality. In it, you learn about the healing methods also the practical use of mantras, ancient vedic fire ceremonies and other powerful spiritual tools. These six days also are a process, which will bring you on a much deeper level of life! While your heart more and more awake, life reveals in a wonderful new way to you.

This education also lasts six days and takes place usually in Berlin (Germany), but it can be hold also in other places on request. The minimum age is 18 years. Because it is about private education, I can customize it to your needs and respond to all your questions. You may freely agree the time with me, on request it can also be on a weekend. The education costs are 1.995,- Euro and are due at time of booking. By the way, once in a year I offer The Awakening of the Heart as a group education for the same costs on a very beautiful spiritual power place in the middle of Germany! If you are interested, please contact me for further details and dates.

By the way, I have made a website especially for  The Awakening of the Heart . Unfortunately, actually this website is only available in German language, but  if you understand some German you should take a look at it. The website called Das Erwachen des Herzens. Among other things you also find there a lot of video feedbacks of former participations in German language, who speaks about their experiences. You should watch them, some are very touching and  give you a glimpse of the quality of this very special education process.







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