Distance treatments  

If you call someone and have a good phone connection, the spatial distance does not matter for the talk. In the transmission of spiritual energy it is the same: If there is a good energetic connection between transmitter and receiver, it makes no difference for the transmission of the energy, if both are in the same room or separated by thousands of miles. So if you want to have an energy transmission or a healing session from me, you can get them even if you should be far away from me physically.


And this is how it works:







You contact me and we make an appointment. Please select a period of time where you are undisturbed. You also do yourself a favour if you allow a little more time for yourself than the actual transmission takes,  because so you can feel the effects of the treatment after the session a little longer.  It is a very good idea just to lay down and relax after a transmission for 20 minutes or so, if possible. 




Then you transfer your enery balance on my bank account. 






I call you on the agreed time. If you want, you can tune up before, for example through meditation or listen to some relaxing music. While this tuning is not necessarily required, it may open you more and as a result you can perceive more of the energy. 









After we just have welcomed us shortly, you sit or lie down and relax, and I start the energy transmission or the healing treatment. Depending on the type of selected energy I play a song with a certain energetic frequency, which suppoprts the transmission. While it is running, I`m sending you Anahata Energy respectively treat you in the case of a healing treatment with the choosen healing method. You also can listen to the song on your phone, I recommend you to use the build-in speaker of your phone if possible,  because you can put your phone next to you then a nd need not to keep it on your ear all the time. 






After the energy transmission respectively healing treatment we exchange our experiences, if there still some time is left. If you should have questions about your experience, I will be happy to answer them. If you want, I give you a feedback about how I have experienced the transmission. We can also make a further appointment then, if you wish to.


If you would like to have a longer energy transmission or healing treatment, you can get two sessions behind each other. Simply book just two sessions and and tell me your wish when we make our appointment. 


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